$0.99 for a Limited Time – Alone with the Best Friend by Summer Wynter


I shouldn't want him, but when he looks at me that way it brings me to my knees.

When Jack says he's bringing his roommate home with him over his college summer break, I didn't think anything about it. I thought it would be nice for him to have someone to hang out with other than his tired, single mom.

Then I saw Ethan.


I know I can't touch her, but every time she smiles at me I want to back her up against a wall.

When my roommate Jack asks if I want to ride home with him for the summer break, I had nowhere else to go. My ex had our son, and there's no family left for me. I figured it'd pass the time and get me free food.

Then I saw Melody.

Two people wanting what they cannot, should not, have. What will happen after the one kiss that they both can't stop?

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