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SaBB_ebook_3200x2000_bonusStill a Bad Boy 1.5
A mile above the ocean, something very expected happens to Jace and Kendall… followed by something very unexpected. If you loved Still a Bad Boy, you’ll love this. It’s a short and sweet story that has been rated as a million out of ten on the spicy scale. Note that if you haven’t read Still a Bad Boy then this is likely to be full of spoilers for you. If you have read Still a Bad Boy, this will give you a massive teaser for where the next book in the series is going to go.

SaBB2.5Still a Bad Boy 2.5

It’s Austin’s birthday, and Skylar has a very special gift for him. After that, a meeting with Jace and Kendall brings more than just a cake and best wishes. Things are about to get explosive, as if they weren’t already dangerous enough. Once again, if you haven’t read the previous books, this bonus story is likely to be full of spoilers and if you have then this will give you a big teaser about where the series is going next.