Pre-Release Giveaway! is with the editor and getting polished up ready for release! Set aside a weekend, it's going to be published on Friday the 26th of May! This post is going to serve as the hub for all the pre-release stuff I'm going to be doing, primarily giveaways and links to the various places you can find information about the book.

I want you to be my first, Daddy…

I sold my innocence for over a million dollars. Don’t judge me. You have no idea how far I’d go to save my Mom and our home.

This was the only thing I had that could bring in enough money in time, so yeah, I did it.

What kind of a guy purchases a girl’s virginity though? I had no idea what I’d be walking into when I arrived at the airport.

Kris Lane sure doesn’t look like he needs to pay for it. Tattoos, muscles, abs like a god, he must be tripping over panties wherever he goes. A girl could do worse for her first.

But why is he making me work so hard? Why doesn’t he just take what he paid for? By the time I stumble upon what he really wants, he’s wrapped me around his little finger…

Buying Amy’s virginity was a dare, a high-stakes wager with my business partner. He knew I couldn’t resist the challenge.

The rules were simple. One week with Amy. I had to resist her every advance and send her home just as untouched as when she arrived.

Little did I know that the photos on the website didn’t do her beauty any justice. Her body speaks to mine in ways I didn’t know was possible.

But I never lose. I was winning this bet until she whispered those magic words in my ear. No man could resist her, and it’s time I got my money’s worth.

All bets are off.

But what happens at the end of our week together?

Warning: This book is a million out of ten on the spiciness scale. When these two get together… this book does *not* fade to black. Keep a fan handy.

The Giveaway

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That's everything for now, I think. So, over to you my FAVORITE reader 🙂 Looking forward to this? Think Amy's heart is going to be bought along with her innocence?