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He Wants To Use Me For Revenge. I Just Want Him To Use Me.

I wish my mom never dragged me along when she ran off with her junkie boyfriend Antonio. The worst thing about it was she was having an affair and they took fifty million dollars of Andrew’s money when they went.

Now he’s got fifty million reasons to want us all dead and, after years of life on the run, I can’t take any more of their abuse, so I’ve *got* to get out of here… somehow.

It couldn’t have been any more poetic when I saw Bree auctioning her first time on Innocence For Sale.

After years of searching for my revenge, it fell right into my lap. Mouth-first.

I’ll take everything she’s selling, and more. She’ll moan my name, she’ll tell me where Julia, Antonio and my money are.

I knew all that. I didn’t expect to find an accomplice, my other half, the only woman who ever made me want to grind out our pleasure non-stop until we can’t see straight.

Just when I think I’m going to drive off into the sunset with my dream girl, it looks like we’re going to have to make a last stand instead…

Warning: This book is a million out of ten on the spiciness scale. When these two get together… this book does *not* fade to black. Keep a fan handy.

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