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This is a combined title-reveal, cover-reveal, release-date-reveal, final-blurb-reveal and giveaway announcement! #4 in the Still a Bad Boy Series is called STOCKHOLM SYNDROMANCE! And it will be available for your reading pleasure on the 4th of November.

Stockholm Syndromance is currently out with my ARC reviewers and the reviews are already rolling in! You can see what people think about it so far here. The first three chapters are also available here on my own website if you want to tease yourself. This is an insane-paced story that I think you might find hard to put down.

Those of you on my mailing list know why this is a special book for me. I'm terrified to put it out there, in my current state, but it's no use just sitting there on my hard drive. Fingers with well-chewed nails are crossed!

He doesn't have to keep me tied up, but I hope he does…


My father kept me locked away from the world, my only purpose in life was to stand in the background while he campaigned for President, or to be sold like a slave to cement his old alliances as a Mafia hitman. All I’ve ever known was his contempt and my loneliness.

Then my deepest darkest fantasy kicked my door down and dragged me off into the night.

He's the first person I ever met who wasn't afraid of my father. He's a machine of war, and he's making me so… damn… hot.


The contract is simple: abduct the daughter of Jace Barlow's nemesis and deliver her safely.

I'm a professional. She's off limits… but this chick is the hottest kind of crazy. I never met a woman who could take everything I had to give and beg for more, and now I'm dangerously close to addicted.

I need to concentrate on keeping us alive before her father's goons, the Feds, the cops or the biker gang catch up with us, but the way she licks my gun has me thinking maybe nothing else matters if I can't have her wrapped around me forever.

The Giveaway

To help you all get as excited as me, I'm going to be giving away Amazon Gift Cards. Prize tiers break down like this:

1x $15 Amazon GC
1x $10 Amazon GC
5x $5 Amazon GC

Entries are free! All you have to do is love bad boy romance deep in your heart.

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Not only that, but I am also giving away paperback copies of Stockholm Syndromance through a Goodreads giveaway. US and Canada based readers only, sorry, and entries will open at midnight on Sunday October 16.

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Stockholm Syndromance by Ada Scott

Stockholm Syndromance

by Ada Scott

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That's everything for now, I think. So, over to you my FAVOURITE reader 🙂 Looking forward to this? Eric says that nothing and nobody can stop him from loving Eliana, think he's right? Leave your comments below.