The F King – Pre-Release Giveaway

The F King, the third book in the Still a Bad Boy Series, is now getting the finishing touches put on to it and will be available on Friday 5th of August! This post is going to serve as the hub for all the pre-release stuff I'm going to be doing, primarily giveaways and links to the various places you can find information about the book.

My cover artist has once again done an incredible job. It fits in with the others in the series and yet shows that this is a different kind of bad boy. If you cross him, you'll never see his retaliation coming. I LOVE IT!

If I Do My Job, I'll Lose The Only Man I Ever Loved


I was always so focused on my career that I never had time for a relationship until it was my job to have one. I was supposed to “gain his trust,” but I doubt they meant I should let him take me to bed.

Instead of showing me where he gets his supply of F, he shows me what it's like to writhe in ecstasy as I scream his name. Instead of giving me the identity of the drug lord known as The F King, he gives me climax after climax.

My world now revolves around him so much that I can't tell which life is a lie anymore. I was an undercover cop. What am I now?


I thought Sarina might be a cop until I carried her into my bed and discovered she'd never been with a man before me. A cop wouldn't do that, and they damned sure wouldn't beg for more.

I wanted to destroy the Acardi Crime Family and build my own empire on the ruins. After all, I'm The F King, and a king needs a kingdom.

Sarina though… she makes me question my priorities. All that money and power is within my grasp, but the only thing I can think of is shaking Sarina one more time, tasting her, hearing my name on her lips.

If anything ever happened to her, to us, things might get really F'd.

The Giveaway

To help you all get as excited as me, I'm going to be giving away an F-King's ransom in Amazon Gift Cards. It's a ransom from a small kingdom, admittedly, but $150 is nothing to sneeze at! Prize tiers break down like this:

1x $50 Amazon GC
10x $10 Amazon GC

Entries are free! All you have to do is love bad boy romance deep in your heart, and sign up for my newsletter. This will both give you access to my free download(s), and unlock other entry options πŸ™‚ If you've already subscribed to my newsletter, you can still enter, just click on the link in the widget below and be sure to note your subscribed email address in the widget below too.

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That's everything for now, I think. So, over to you my FAVOURITE reader πŸ™‚ Looking forward to this? Think the F King can win the heart of his Queen?