The F King – A Bad Boy Romance With Chemistry

I was always so focused on my career that I never had time for a relationship until it was my job to have one. I was supposed to “gain his trust,” but I doubt they meant I should let him take me to bed.

Instead of showing me where he gets his supply of F, he shows me what it's like to writhe in ecstasy as I scream his name. Instead of giving me the identity of the drug lord known as The F King, he gives me climax after climax.

My world now revolves around him so much that I can't tell which life is a lie anymore. I was an undercover cop. What am I now?

I thought Sarina might be a cop until I carried her into my bed and discovered she'd never been with a man before me. A cop wouldn't do that, and they damned sure wouldn't beg for more.

I wanted to destroy the Acardi Crime Family and build my own empire on the ruins. After all, I'm The F King, and a king needs a kingdom.

Sarina though… she makes me question my priorities. All that money and power is within my grasp, but the only thing I can think of is shaking Sarina one more time, tasting her, hearing my name on her lips.

If anything ever happened to her, to us, things might get really F'd.


  • “I loved everything about this book. Scorching Hot with real sweetness between these two.” — Madison T. Edwards (Top 100 Amazon Reviewer).
  • “Cops and Robbers Has Never Been Sexier” — Nella M.
  • “Intensely compelling” — Read Between The Lines.

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