Who’s a Good Boy? Giveaway!

Who's a Good Boy? is a must-read for dog lovers, for fans of bad boys who love their small town princesses, for second chances, for secret babies and for a well-deserved HEA.

Hazel Rivera was an untouchable small-town princess… but that summer five years ago, she was mine.

All it took was a few hours of hell to destroy the heaven we built. I left Shippensburg with nothing but the shirt on my back and my dog at my side. Leave or die, and ruin the lives of everybody I cared about at the same time. There was no choice.

Now I’m back. I need to find out how she could have done that to us, but somehow she’s got the nerve to be pissed at me? And why does her daughter have my eyes?

I’ll get my answers, make her remember how she used to run her tongue over my abs and dig her nails into my back, then I’ll leave this damn town forever.

The Giveaway

To help you all get as excited as me, I'm giving away some Amazon Gift Cards. Prize tiers break down like this:

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That's everything for now, I think. So, over to you my FAVORITE reader 🙂 Looking forward to this? Think the small town princess will end up with her bad boy next door?