The F King – Chapter 2


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Here's another chapter for my next book, The F King, due out 8/5/2016!

Chapter 2 Ryan

It wasn’t easy to keep a straight face the first time I heard a rumor about myself come full circle and get told to me in excited whispers. They called me The F King, a mad scientist type making this “good shit” for the mafia, or one of the street gangs, they didn’t know which.

Apparently the criminal underworld hired him to kill people with untraceable poisons, and nobody dared fuck with him. I smiled and nodded, and told them it was all true, I had a source of F, a guy who knew a guy and so on, and he told me the exact same things.

Then I sold them some F, took their money, and partied my brains out. I wasn’t quite as paranoid about keeping a low profile now as I was in my college days, when I officially studied Engineering but really used a friend’s ID to get access to the Chemistry labs and materials, but I still wasn’t ready to publically claim my own throne yet, tempting though it was.

Next year. That’s when the Acardi Crime Family would eat their words, if their jaws were still attached to their heads.  Then everybody would know who the fuck The F King was, and realize that there’s really no limit to what I can make in my lab with enough funds.  Highston would be mine.

Until then, being the only guy in town with F who wasn’t in a gang and wasn’t obviously in the local crime family was almost as good.  I was approachable in a way those fuckers weren’t.

Everybody who wanted the best shit but was too scared to buy from a gang came to me. In a city full of college students, there were a lot of customers like that.  A lot.

The guys had money and the girls, oh sweet holy fuck, the girls. The things they’d do for F, the things they’d do when they saw the respect everybody gave me, just wanting to be near me and bask in the reflected glory.

I’d lost count of all the pussy I’d had. Two or three in one night?  Sure.  Five at once one time, straight girls went down on each other just because I told them to.  Anything for the king.

Money and power, it was an easy lifestyle to get used to. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d had to fuck the same girl twice.  How could I deny myself the pleasure of hearing my name screamed by a new voice?

Tonight, though, the cards seemed stacked against me. Every chick that came and sat in the booth with my friends and me, I already knew what they looked like with my cock in them.  Boring.

Things were usually pretty exciting around this time of year though, a fresh batch of college students bolstered Highston’s population and once they got past those on-campus orientation parties, plenty of them started hitting the town. That would start happening in a week or two, and I couldn’t fucking wait.

I was just about to resign myself to the reality of going home with Bree again when a breath of fresh air walked past our table. Her clothes said “look at me” but her face was pure innocence.

From the moment I saw her approaching, I had images of her pinned under me, begging me to fuck her harder, harder, harder.  I could make that girl sing in bed.

Her sleek, dark hair shimmered like liquid in the nightclub strobe lights and before she was past, on her way to the dancefloor, I saw she had the kind of bright blue eyes normally reserved for the Nordic-blonde type.

That electric blue was my favorite, that flash of color you could see through their half-closed eyelids as they came hard, or their half-closed eye-lids when I was about to cum right on their faces and they were afraid of getting shot in the eye but they needed to see the big moment anyway.  Fuck yes.

Combined with the contrast of darker hair, it was an intoxicating mixture. And that body.  Her ass twitched with every step and the intriguing upper swells of her breasts faintly quivered to the same tempo while showing off their youthful firmness.

She kept her eyes trained straight ahead as she walked past and I watched her closely, brushing Bree out of my line of sight with annoyance when she hee-hawed herself in the way while laughing at some joke my friend said. Was she going to look at me?  Was she?

There. That one glance straight into my eyes as she stepped on to the dancefloor betrayed her.  The fucking game was on.

I knocked back the rest of my drink and slammed it down on the table. “I’m going for a dance.”

“At last!” said Bree, standing with me.

I leaned in. “No.  Not tonight.  Listen, Mike over there, yeah the funny one, he’s had a hell of a day.  I’d be really grateful if there was anything you could do to make him feel better.  It’d be a personal favor to me, you understand?”

“Mike?” she said without much enthusiasm.

“It’d mean a lot. Here, this is the last few grams I’ve got on me.  No charge.”

I pulled the little baggie of F out of my pocket and discreetly held it out to her. She reached for it straight away and I closed my fist over it.

“OK, OK,” she said.

I thought I caught her looking wistfully at me out of the corner of my eye, but she was Mike’s problem now. A bullet dodged as far as I was concerned, and hot new pussy to be had.

Blue-eyed innocence was dancing with a small group of freshmen-looking girls, who I’d be happy to put on the list after I had my way with their hottest friend. Such a good time of year.

The closer I came, the more the movement of her body hypnotized me. The music was too loud to talk, all the initial communication had to be body language, but I was used to that.  I’d have to fuck her with my eyes for a while before I made those perfect tits bounce as I powered my cock into her.  That was half the fun anyway.

Under cover of the music, I stealthily worked my way next to her, dancing half-in and half-out of her group. She glanced at me again, did the full body scan and flashed me a smile before dancing a little closer.

One of her friends, a short blonde, fanned herself and whispered to a taller brunette, who nodded and then looked over at the two of us as our dancing got closer and closer. Blue-eyed innocence turned in my direction and danced facing me for a minute or so, flashing me a smile bright enough to melt my face off before turning away.

I let my breath out through pursed lips slowly, and realized I’d sold this girl short when she walked past my booth. She might have been the sexiest woman I’d ever laid my eyes on.

I had to lay my hands on her too. I needed to feel that perfection, press myself against her and later she’d be wrapped around me moaning like a whore.  Oh yes, I’d make this princess forget everything she ever learned about courtship and romance, the only thing on her mind would be my rock-hard cock by the time I was done.

Speaking of which, the way this girl was moving was starting to get me down that path already. I reached out and put my fingers on her hip as we danced.  When she didn’t push me away, I rested my entire hand there, and pulled her closer.

The scent of her shampoo and perfume wafted up at me and I sucked it all in as we moved to the music. I bet her skin tasted sweet, just like that smell of vanilla.  I couldn’t wait to run my tongue across every square inch of it, watch her body react to everything I did.

From this vantage-point, I had the best seat in the house for looking down her top at those unbelievable tits, especially when she raised her arms up over her head and stroked my shoulders. The inevitable happened, her ass bumped against my semi-erect cock, trapped down one leg of my pants.

Instead of pressing harder against it, like every girl in living memory, she jerked away as if she’d been zapped by static electricity. So she was playing hard to get, huh?

With a smirk, I pulled her back and enjoyed feeling her struggle with herself more than with me. She liked the way that big cock felt, she liked knowing that she was sexy enough to get me excited, but her friends were right there, and she didn’t want to look like a slut.  How adorable.

I let myself enjoy a few more grinds against her as one song faded out and another began to fade in, before I decided to put her out of her misery. For now.  I turned her back towards me.

“Hey, I’m Ryan,” I said.


“You wanna take a break and sit with me for a while? You look like you’ve worked up a thirst with all those moves.”

A thirst for my hard dick, you sexy little bitch.

“Um… yeah, sure. OK,” she said, with such obvious nerves that her cuteness factor went through the roof.

If she kept on teasing me like this I’d have to fuck her before we even left the club. I knew the place well enough that there were, from experience, a few dark spots you could get away with it if the girl was hot enough to risk it.

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