Coming Soon! Bandit: A Bonnie & Clyde Romance

He was this century's first rockstar of robbery.

Dove North

Jason De Laforge, a Clyde without his Bonnie. From the first time I saw him on a grainy picture from a security camera, I was hooked. I was in love before I even met him, but if the police couldn't find him how could I? It would take a miracle for us to ever meet.

I did what I could to help that miracle along, always dreaming of the day when I'd look into his eyes and I'd be the focus of his legendary passion. Sometimes, if you dream enough, wish hard enough, and want everything with all of your heart… the universe gives you a shot.

This is the story of how I got what I wanted, but does a single bank robbery last long enough for me to show him that we're made for each other?

A Shot of Scott: When you want to get straight to the good parts, you need a shot of Ada Scott. These stories are short, wild, and absolutely packed with bad boy alphas unleashing their passion on the first woman who ever had half a chance to (semi) tame them.