The Ada Scott Merchandise Store

While taking some time to regather myself after my last book and real life events of late last year, I looked into something I've wanted to do for a while but was always way too busy. As a writer and self-publisher, I'm in the business of creating not only stories but intellectual property and marketing them as best I can. That being the case, I end up owning a lot of stuff that would go great on apparel and other items and the technology is here for me to be able to offer these to you now!

I've investigated how to do this in a way that won't suck up all my writing time and doesn't have the potential to leave me constructing a house to live in from boxes of t-shirts that didn't sell because I ordered too many and tied up all my money in inventory! Viralstyle is a company that offers these items on a print-on-demand basis, and made it easy for me to upload my designs and slogans to make them available to you!

If you'd like to wrap yourself in a t-shirt or hoodie inspired by my bad boys, you can visit my shop on Facebook here:


Or the shop on my website here:

The Ordering Process

The Facebook shop is designed for quick one-off purchases, so you can only buy one item at a time. The store on my own website has shopping cart functionality if you want to buy multiple items. Either way, once you are ready to buy, you are directed off site to shopify to complete your purchase. Payments are accepted via Paypal, including debit/credit cards through Paypal so the handling of your sensitive information is taken care of by companies with very high security standards.

All apparel is printed to order and shipped in 8-11 business days, other items (when available) are shipped out in 11-16 days. Delivery times from then depend on where exactly in the world you are.

Shipping Costs


0-5lb: $5
5.01-20lb: $8

Rest of the World

0-20lb: $18

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to a limited number of countries where USPS does not deliver packages. Below for a list of these countries:

South America
Middle America
Dubia (UAE)

Cancellations/Changes (i.e. to a delivery address)

We have 24 hours from when the order is placed to make any changes to an order. After that it is in production, being made on demand especially for you.


Items I'm selling at the moment are the Gildan Unisex Cotton Tee and the Gildan Unisex Hoodie.